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 ... Depressed

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PostSubject: ... Depressed   Thu Mar 03, 2011 4:52 pm

Ok so,..

Bukkit isn't working because of Update 1.3 in which in turn, so isn't the server. The Bukkit team got a working bukkit up, but all of bukkit's plugins don't work still or I can't get them to work.

SO... I have decided to bring the server back to regular default minecraft. NO plugins, NO bukkit. Not until Bukkit and it's PLUGINS are completely and utterly stable. Meaning, there not being abandoned or constantly changing.

With that said, These are my actions I will take with the server... This also should weed out the closet griefers on the server...

-change to default minecraft server
-reset world (it looks like shit right now from griefing and shit)

Also, I'm doing a Whitelist reset,... you will have to re-apply to be put on the server (Admins will be on automatically and Mods)


-Reset Whitelist

For those who have applied on the forum, you will have to type your app again.

Thanks for your time and ears!

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... Depressed
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